Christians and Jews (People of the Book)

  1. I`ve been repenting to God but then I tend to break it. I`ve broke my repentance to the Lord twice. I commit Fornication all the time. I am really ashamed of it.
  2. I own a daycare center outside my house. Even though in my house we do not celebrate Christmas, we do have X'mas tree at the daycare center.
  3. Was Jesus the son of god? and in what surahs is this issue discussed in the quran?
  4. Please let me know the true facts according to quran tht Jesus(A.S) will return to this world one day and also about the Mehdi (A.S) and the time of his existance in this world
  5. Allah`s Messenger (pbuh) said: On the Day of Resurrection, my Ummah (nation) will be gathered into three groups, one sort will enter Paradise without rendering an account (of their deeds).
  6. My question is what is the status of Isha Alesalam. He is dead or alive?
  7. One of my colleagues at work was telling me about a certain document which was written by some Muslim in which the author has written that Prophet Isa`a ( Alaihi Salam ) had a father in contradiction to the norm that the birth of Prophet Isa`a was a miracle of Allah and His sign to Mankind.
  8. I want to gift a Quran to one of my Christian brother who works with me. Is it okay if I give him a Quran with original Arabic text? I heard from someone that only English translation shall be given to a non-muslim and not original Arabic text.
  9. Although we are muslim and we would never convert to any other religion, my family have a xmas tree up nearly every year, as they did this year. Their excuse is "It`s colourful!" "So what, as long as our hearts are good and we believe in our own religion, there is nothing wrong". I know alot of people would be disgusted to hear this, but please do not judge my family on this basis. They even have a xmas dinner and love pulling crackers around the table with party hats
  10. Why Jews hated Jesus Isa
  11. Are ahle kitaab people disbelievers?
  12. Was Jesus Circumcised?
  13. Why is Islam better than Christianity?
  14. Jews strongest in enmity
  15. Can Jews/Christians follow their scriptures?
  16. Read and keep bible
  17. Freemasons
  18. Jews and christians
  19. What does the Quran say about Marriage with Christians?
  20. Good Jews and christians

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